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Materials and technology

We could have had our sauna room done for the price twice less than we paid, but we decided to use the best material and technology available in Ontario.

The heater

  • The heater in our sauna is designed to burn less oxygen. Also it is safe to put water on the rocks because all heating elements are covered. That is very important in Russian steam sauna. This technology was patented in Canada 20 years ago by inventor immigrated from Finland. 
  • The heater has an extra layer of metal around. So, if you touch a side of the heater you will not burn yourself. 
  • The rocks we use are different from the rocks used in most (if not all) local saunas. They do not absorb water, so when they are getting hot there is no sand dust prodused in the air.

The wood

We could easily get away with the pine or hemlock as an interior of the sauna room lining, but we choosed to use the best material available in the World which is Western Canadian Red Cedar

Why is cedar the best sauna wood?  First, let’s clarify: it is western Canadian red cedar that is the BEST wood for sauna, not any cedar!  White cedar and lower grade red cedar have knots which are both unsightly and will become hot to the touch.  Furthermore, only red cedar has the sweet smell that makes taking a steam sauna such a delight.  Finally, western Canadian red cedar is soft and smooth to the touch, further enhancing the sauna experience. 

Photo with Vladimir - the owner of Dream Sauna production factory in Toronto, ON

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