“Give me the power to produce fever and I'll cure all diseases”

Hippocrates, the founder of Western Medicine

Kate Kovalevskaia is graduated in nursing and has Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, so she understands well the human body functions, lives a healthy life style and loves regular sauna treatment sessions.

Andrei Kovalevskii has combined experience in a Health Care field and in Project management. The previous such project he has been taking part as the Project manager was The Sauna World Recreation Center in Koenigsberg, Russia. It has been implemented in 2009. The pictures are below.

The project "Russian sauna in Windsor" has only one sauna room for 4-5 bathers. Steam sauna is the part of Windsor Massage office in Walkerville neighborhood.

Yes, it is small, because it is first of its kind, but Andrei & Kate believe that many local residents will enjoy it.

Previously implemented project in Russia

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